We are proud of our world-class, indoor cultivation facility, which we believe is a key differentiator in cannabis today. Our ability to grow vertically in tiers enables our 80,000 square foot facility to produce significantly more biomass than traditional indoor facilities of similar size. Further, we benefit from the ability to capitalize on a high cannabis output per square foot of real estate. Our pharma-grade facility was custom-designed giving each plant the optimal growing experience.

Our state-of-the-art, indoor facility contains vertically integrated grow rooms, coupled with post-harvest zones for processing, product creation and packaging. All our processes are driven to yield quality flower while providing eco-friendly costs savings that we can proudly pass on to the consumer.

All of our grow rooms are under LED lights, which significantly reduces our carbon footprint while yielding unrivalled resin content in the buds, providing tremendous flavour and potency combinations.

The facility has several integrated technologies that allow us to feed our custom fertilizer mix (designed by our Master Grower) while using less water and preventing pollution from fertilizer run-off. With these technologies, we can also maintain our room environment to provide precisely what is needed for quality to thrive, with as little waste as possible.

Upon harvest, our carefully cultivated plants are hung upside down in our curing/drying rooms, using custom-designed racking to ensure a great finish to a great grow. We drive the environment to create a controlled cure and dry in a highly uniform fashion. Once finished, we process the harvest by hand sorting, hand finishing and hand packing all our flower to retain and preserve product quality. We go the extra mile to foil seal our products and include humidity packs as a standard, to guarantee optimal freshness.

Our facility has received Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) certification, confirming our high-quality growing and processing practices. We’re also in the process of attaining our EU-GMP certification, another rigorous standard of quality.