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  • Where can I learn more about medical cannabis?

    Health Canada is the authority on the regulated use of medical cannabis in Canada. It provides comprehensive information and should be consulted first.

    You may want to read other client reviews of products and strains of medical cannabis, what they were used to treat and how they were rated by those that have tried them. The website Leafly www.leafly.com is a good resource along with the website for The National Institute for Cannabis Health and Education www.nichecanada.com.

  • How to ask your health care professional about cannabis

    Be your own advocate with your health care professional, do your research before attending your appointment. You may wish to make note of how cannabis has helped others. Research the different strains and methods of consumption ahead of time (www.leafly.com) to discuss with your health care professional. Discuss a trial period and an assessment plan. Focus on a successful outcome and what that looks like.

  • Can you help me get a prescription?

    AgMedica is licensed to produce medical cannabis. Only your health care professional can prescribe medical cannabis. If you require assistance locating a health care professional, please contact our Client Care Team for a list of clinics near you.

  • What can I expect trying medical cannabis for the first time?

    Before ordering you might want to consider how you intend to consume medical cannabis based on your preferences. Regardless of which method you choose, the general guideline is to start with a low dose and pay attention to the effects. A journal is helpful for recording your dose, the strain, how you consumed the product and what the effects were. You should only increase your dosage slowly and gradually. Your health care practitioner will have set a daily maximum dosage.

    Sometimes multiple strains and types of medical cannabis are needed throughout the day based on their effects. Each situation is unique to you and your journey.

    Keep a few things in mind, when you are consuming medical cannabis for the first time:

    • Find a place to consume where you are comfortable, and where there is support, should you need it, have a friend or a phone nearby.
    • Plan to be present and mindful of the effects and the length of time you will feel these effects. Remember that the effects from inhalation of medical cannabis happen within minutes while ingestion can sometimes take up to 1-2 hours or longer to come into full effect.
    • Do not drive a vehicle or operate any heavy machinery if you have used medical cannabis.
    • Follow the advice “start low and go slow”. Starting with a low dose and waiting to review the effects will help you discern how much you need to take to have a positive outcome.
  • Will my health insurance cover this?

    It is best to check with your health insurance provider regarding coverage of prescribed medical cannabis.

  • Is medical cannabis eligible as a medical expense on my income tax?

    Yes, medical cannabis purchased from AgMedica is a permitted medical expense under the Canada Revenue Agency and qualifies for the medical tax credit. Check with your accountant or financial consultant to understand the details.

  • How is your product tested?

    Our products are tested in accordance with Health Canada’s guidelines. We use an external laboratory that is accredited to conduct these specific tests and verify our compliance with the Cannabis Act and Regulations.

  • What is Veterans Affairs Canada’s (VAC) new reimbursement policy on cannabis for medical purposes?

    You can find this information on our Veterans page. Go there...

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